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RJH30E2 Даташит

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Renesas Electronics Renesas
RJH30E2 image

RJH30E2 absolute maximum ratings:

(1) Collector to emitter voltage VCES: 360 V

(2) Gate to emitter voltage VGES: ±30 V

(3) Collector current IC: 30 A

(4 )Collector peak current ic(peak): 200 A

(5) Collector to emitter diode Forward peak current iDF(peak): 100 A

(6) Collector dissipation PC: 20 W

(7) Junction to case thermal impedance qj-c: 6.25 'CW

(8) Junction temperature Tj: 150 'C

(9) Storage temperature Tstg: –55 to +150'C.


RJH30E2 features:

(1) Trench gate and thin wafer technology (G6H-II series)

(2) High speed switching: tr =80 ns typ., tf = 150 ns typ.

(3) Low collector to emitter saturation voltage: VCE(sat)= 1.5 V typ.

(4) Low leak current: ICES = 1 mA max.

(5) Built-in Fast Recovery Diode: VF = 1.4 V typ., trr = 23 ns typ.

(6)Isolated package: TO-220FL.




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