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Номер в каталоге(s) : DNA1002D
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : HITACHI Encapsulation, DIP 16

Reference Site : http://www.rom.by/comment/262874

HITACHI/DNA1002D-DI1.png" target="_blank" data-cke-saved-href="https://www.datasheetq.com/contents-image1/HITACHI/DNA1002D-DI1.png">HITACHI/DNA1002D-DI1.png" data-cke-saved-src="https://www.datasheetq.com/contents-image1/HITACHI/DNA1002D-DI1.png">

Reference Site : http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1229

Номер в каталоге(s) : DNA1001D DNA1001DL
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : DNA1001D - DIP 16 PIN

HITACHI/DNA1001D-DI1.png" target="_blank">HITACHI/DNA1001D-DI1.png" />

Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : 262,144-word x 16-bit CMOS UV Erasable and Programmable ROM

262,144-word x 16-bit CMOS UV Erasable and Programmable ROM

HITACHI/405306-DI1.png" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/HITACHI/405306-DI1.png">

HITACHI/405306-DI2.png" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image2/HITACHI/405306-DI2.png">

Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : HA17082 Series / J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers

HITACHI J-FET input operational amplifiers are available in single, dual, and quad versions.

Other than the HA17080, all products are internal phase compensation types and include a built-in phase compensation capacitor. The HA17080 and the HA17083 allow offset adjustment.


* HA17080, HA17082 : DIP 8 PIN

* HA17083, HA17084 : DIP 14 PIN

HITACHI/384709-DI1.png" />

Номер в каталоге(s) : HM5116100 HM5116100S-6 HM5116100S-7 HM5116100S
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : 16 M FP DRAM (16-Mword × 1-bit) 4 k Refresh

The HITACHI HM5116100 is a CMOS dynamic RAM organized 16,777,216-word × 1-bit.  It employs the most advanced 0.5µm CMOS technology for high performance and low power.  The HM5116100 offers Fast Page Mode as a high speed access mode.  It is packaged in 26-pin plastic SOJ.

• Single 5 V (±10%)
• Access time:  60 ns/70 ns (max)
• Power dissipation
- Active mode:  440 mW/385 mW (max)
- Standby mode 11 mW (max)
• Fast page mode capability
• Refresh cycles
- 4096 refresh cycles : 64 ms
• 3 variations of refresh
- RAS-only refresh
- CAS-before-RAS refresh
- Hidden refresh
• Test function
- 16-bit parallel test mode

Номер в каталоге(s) : 2SD2102 D2102
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Low Frequency Power Amplifier


2SD2102 Datasheet PDF

HITACHI/853506-DI1.png" />

Номер в каталоге(s) : 74HC4515 HD74HC4515
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : 4-bit Latch/4-to-16-line Decoder

This device presents 4-to-16 line decoder with latched inputs. The HD74HC4515 presents a low level at the selected output. This device consists of four storage latches with common strobe and inhibit (G) inputs. When a low signal is applied to the strobe input, the input data is stored, decoded, and presented to the output. When inhibit is high, all HD74HC4515 outputs are a high logic level.

HITACHI/882008-DI1.png" />


Номер в каталоге(s) : DPA4111 DPA4119 DPA6111 DPA6119
Компоненты Описание : Series DPA 1.0Amp • 120, 240 Vac • 16 PIN DIP Package


The Series DPA solid state relays are rated at 1.0 Amp RMS at ambient temperatures up to 40ûC. The compact 16 pin DIP package is perfect for high density printed circuit boards. The DPA is

offered in your choice of either voltage or current operated versions. Manufactured in CrydomÕs ISO 9001 Certified facility for optimum product performance and reliability.

• Compact forHigh Density PCBMount

• DC Control

• SCROutput

• Zero Cross Switching

Номер в каталоге(s) : HA11225
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : FM IF System

FM IF System

The HITACHI HA11225 is an FM IF Amplifier and Detector developed for HI FI Tuners. This IC is encapsulated in DIP-16 pin.

● FM IF Amplifier
● Quadrature Detector
● Audio Amplifier
● Muting Circuit
● AFC, Tuning Meter Driver
● AGC Control Voltage Generator
● Muting Control Voltage Generator
● Signal Meter Driver

Номер в каталоге(s) : HD6475328-CP10
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Компоненты Описание : H8/532 is an original HITACHI CMOS microcomputer unit (MCU)

The H8/532 is an original HITACHI CMOS microcomputer unit (MCU) comprising a highperformance CPU core plus a full range of supporting functions—an entire system integrated onto a single chip.

The CPU features a highly orthogonal instruction set that permits addressing modes and data sizes to be specified independently in each instruction. An internal 16-bit architecture and 16-bit access to on-chip memory enhance the CPU’s data-processing capability and provide the speed needed for realtime control applications.

The on-chip supporting functions include RAM, ROM, timers, a serial communication interface (SCI), A/D conversion, and I/O ports. An on-chip data transfer controller (DTC) can transfer data in either direction between memory and I/O independently of the CPU.

For the on-chip ROM, a choice is offered between masked ROM and programmable ROM (PROM). The PROM version can be programmed by the user with a general-purpose PROM writer.

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