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Номер в каталоге(s) : OM8371
Philips Electronics
Philips Electronics
Компоненты Описание : OM8371 / OM8371PS 64 Pin

Philips OM8371PS/N3/1/1867

Номер в каталоге(s) : Z8937302ZAC
Компоненты Описание : 64-Pin PROGRAMMING ADAPTER

The Z89373 Accessory Kit is specifically designed to enable the Z8932301ZEM or Z8932302ZEM Emulator to program the Z8932302ZEM Emulator to program the Z89373 OTPs.

Номер в каталоге(s) : TDA9381PS
Philips Electronics
Philips Electronics
Компоненты Описание : TDA9381PS / DIP 64 Pin

Номер в каталоге(s) : 8895CSNG7DN5
Компоненты Описание : 8895CSNG7DN5 / Toshiba / 64 Pin DIP Package

Номер в каталоге(s) : JM20330
JMicron Technology Corp.
JMicron Technology Corp.
Компоненты Описание : Serial ATA Bridge Chip / 64-Pin TQFP

JMicron’s JM20330is a single chip solution for serial and parallel ATA translation. It includes the Serial ATA PHY, Link, Transport, and Parallel ATA (application layer) controller. The Serial ATA physical, link, and transport layers are compliant to Serial ATA 1.0a. JM20330 supports 1.5GHz data rate.

The application layer supports both the ATA register command set and PACKET command set, which could drive both Hard Disk Drive and ATAPI Optical Storage such as CR-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, etc. The Serial ATA and the Parallel ATA application layer support both host and device operation and can be configured through a single Pin.

Номер в каталоге(s) : 78F0988
NEC => Renesas Technology
NEC => Renesas Technology
Компоненты Описание : 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLERS / 64 Pin

The µPD78F0988A and 78F0988A(A) are products in the µPD780988 Subseries in the 78K/0 Series that have flash memory in the place of the internal ROM of the µPD780988. Flash memory can be written or erased electrically with the device mounted on the board. Therefore, the µPD78F0988A and µPD78F0988A(A) are ideal for evaluation in system development, small-scale production, or systems likely to be upgraded frequently.

Номер в каталоге(s) : Z86C63
Компоненты Описание : CMOS Z8® 32K ROM MICROCONTROLLER

The Z86C63/64 microcontroller introduces a new level of sophistication to single-chip architecture. The Z86C63/64 is a member of the Z8 single-chip microcontroller family with 32 Kbytes of ROM and 256 bytes of RAM.
The Z86C63 is housed in a 40-Pin DIP, and a 44-Pin PLCC package, and is manufactured in CMOS technology. The ROMless Pin option is available on the 44-Pin version only. The Z86C64 is housed in a 64-Pin DIP, and a 68-Pin PLCC. Both versions of the Z86C64 have the ROMless Pin option, which allows both external memory and preprogrammed ROM, enabling this Z8 microcontroller to be used in highvolume applications or where code flexibility is required. The Z86C96 ROMless Z8 will support the Z86C63/64.

Номер в каталоге(s) : V82658B04SXTG-A1
Mosel Vitelic Corporation
Mosel Vitelic Corporation
Компоненты Описание : 64 MB 200-Pin DDR UNBUFFERED SODIMM 2.5 VOLT 8M x 64

The V82658B04S memory module is organized 8,388,608 x 64 bits in a 200 Pin memory module. The 8M x 64 memory module uses 4 Mosel-Vitelic 8M x 16 DDR SDRAM. The x64 modules are ideal for use in high performance computer systems where increased memory density and fast access times are required.

■ JEDEC 200 Pin DDR Unbuffered Small-Outline, Dual In-Line memory module (SODIMM); 8,388,608 x 64 bit organization.
■ Utilizes High Performance 8M x 16 DDR SDRAM in TSOPII-66 Packages
■ Single +2.5V (± 0.2V) Power Supply
■ Programmable CAS Latency, Burst Length, and Wrap Sequence (Sequential & Interleave)
■ Auto Refresh (CBR) and Self Refresh
■ All Inputs, Outputs are SSTL-2 Compatible
■ 4096 Refresh Cycles every 64 ms
■ Serial Presence Detect (SPD)
■ DDR SDRAM Performance

Номер в каталоге(s) : LPC47N217-JN
SMSC -> Microchip
SMSC -> Microchip
Компоненты Описание : 64-Pin Super I/O with LPC Interface

General Description

The SMSC LPC47N217 is a 3.3V PC 99, PC2001, and ACPI 2.0 compliant Super I/O Controller. The LPC47N217 implements the LPC interface, a Pin reduced ISA interface which provides the same or better performance as the ISA/X-bus with a substantial savings in Pins used. The part also includes 14 GPIO Pins.

The LPC47N217 incorporates a 16C550A compatible UART and one Multi-Mode parallel port with ChiProtect™ circuitry plus EPP and ECP support. This device also offers a full 16-bit internally decoded address bus, a Serial IRQ interface with PCI CLKRUN# support, relocatable configuration ports, and three DMA channel options.

Product Features

■ 3.3 Volt Operation (5V tolerant)

■ Programmable Wakeup Event Interface (IO_PME# Pin)

■ SMI Support (IO_SMI# Pin)

■ GPIOs (14)

■ Two IRQ Input Pins

■ XNOR Chain

■ PC99a, PC2001

■ ACPI 2.0 Compliant

■ 64-Pin STQFP Lead-free RoHS Compliant Package

■ Intelligent Auto Power Management

■ Serial Ports

   − One Full Function Serial Port

   − High Speed 16C550A Compatible UART with Send/Receive 16-Byte FIFO

   − Supports 230k and 460k Baud

   − Programmable Baud Rate Generator

   − Modem Control Circuitry

■ Infrared Communications Controller

   − IrDA v1.2 (4Mbps), HPSIR, ASKIR, Consumer IR Support

   − 1 IR Port

   − 96 Base I/O Address, 15 IRQ Options and 3 DMA Options

■ Multi-Mode Parallel Port with ChiProtect

   − Standard Mode IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, and PS/2 Compatible Bidirectional Parallel Port

   − Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) Compatible - EPP 1.7 and EPP 1.9 (IEEE 1284 Compliant)

   − IEEE 1284 Compliant Enhanced Capabilities Port(ECP)

   − ChiProtect Circuitry for Protection Against Damage Due to Printer Power-On

   − 192 Base I/O Address, 15 IRQ and 3 DMA Options

■ LPC Bus Host Interface

   − Multiplexed Command, Address and Data Bus

   − 8-Bit I/O Transfers

   − 8-Bit DMA Transfers

   − 16-Bit Address Qualification

   − Serial IRQ Interface Compatible with Serialized IRQ Support for PCI Systems

   − PCI CLKRUN# Support

   − Power Management Event (IO_PME#) Interface Pin


Номер в каталоге(s) : TA8659
Компоненты Описание : Multi-Color Video-Chroma-Deflection / DIP 64 Pin

The TA8659AN is an NTSC/PAL/SECAM video-chroma-deflection sub-system with the teletext interface circuit.

The TA8659AN includes all of the fuctions required to realize a multi-color CTV in conjuction with a PIF/SIF IC, in a 64 leads shrink type dual-in-line plastic package.


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