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Номер в каталоге(s) : IT8572E
ITE Tech. INC.
ITE Tech. INC.
Компоненты Описание : Input Output Managment IC Power Chip

Description :
Input Output Managment IC Power Chip

Part Number : IT8572E
Function : AXA TQFP Power IC Chip Chipset
Package : QFP 128 Type
Manufacturers : ITE

Номер в каталоге(s) : ML674000
Oki Electric Industry
Oki Electric Industry
Компоненты Описание : 32-bit General-purpose, ARM-based Microcontroller

Oki’s ML674000 standard microcontroller (MCU) is a member of an extensive and growing family of ARM® architecture 32-bit MCUs for general-purpose applications that require 32-bit CPU performance and low cost afforded by MCU integrated features.

    32-bit RISC CPU (ARM7TDMI)
        32-bit instructions (ARM Instructions) and 16-bit instructions (Thumb Instructions) mixed
        General purpose registers : 31 x 32 bits
        Built-in Barrel shifter and multiplier (32 bit x 8 bit, Modified Booth’s Algorithm)
        Little endian
        Built-in debug function
• Internal memory
    RAM 8KB (32-bit access)
• External memory controller
    ROM (FLASH): 16 Mbytes
    SRAM: 16 Mbytes
    DRAM: 64 Mbytes (SDRAM and EDO-DRAM support)
    External IO devices: 16 Mbytes x 2 banks (with wait control by external signal)
• Interrupt controller
    24 sources: 19 internals and 5 externals (IRQ: 4, FIQ: 1)
• DMA controller
    2 channels: Dual address mode, cycle steal and burst tranfer mode
• Timer
    1 channel: 16-bit auto reload for operating system
    6 channels: 16-bit auto reload for application
    1 channel: 16 bit watchdog timer
• Serial interface
    1 channel: UART
    1 channel: UART with 16-byte FIFO
• Parallel I/O Port
    2 ports x 16 bits (bitwise input/output settings)
    2 channels x 16 bits
• Analog-to-Digital Converter
    8 channels x 10 bits
• Power down mechanism
    Standby (all clock stop) and Halt (clock stop by each function block)
    Clock gear (selectable 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 input clock frequency)
• JTAG interface
    Connectable to JTAG ICE (e.g. ARM MutiICE)
• Power supply voltage
    Core section: 2.25 V to 2.75 V
    IO section: 3.0 V to 3.6 V
• Operating frequency
    33 MHz (Max.)
• Operating temperature (ambient temperature)
    –40°C to +85°C
• Package
    128-pin plastic TQFP (P-TQFP128-1414-0.40-K)
    144-pin plastic LFBGA (P-LFBGA144-1111-0.80)


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