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PT2395 Даташит

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PT2395 Enhanced Digital Echo IC Princeton
Princeton Technology Princeton
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PT2395 is a silicon gate CMOS-processed digital echo IC functionally compatible with M50195P. Input signal to PT2395 is converted to digital signal with A-D conversion then stored in the memory (DRAM) chip. After a certain delay time, digital signal is read out from the memory chip and then converted back into analog signal using the D-A conversion. A low cost echo system may thus be achieved with PT2395’s A-D converter, D-A converter, incorporating ADM algorithm, while main taining lower noise, lower distortion, higher S/N ratio as compared to the conventional BBD (Bucket Brigate Device). PT2395 further features enhanced functions such as continuous delay time with external VR (Variable Resistor), 256 K DRAM support for longer delay time (Extended Delay Mode, up to 800 ms at 4 MHz Clock) as compared to M50195P. Moreover, the distortion and the S/N Ratio are further improved.

• CMOS Technology
• Available in 40-pin PDIP Package (600 mil)
• Low Noise, Low Distortion Echo System
• 3-Level Delay Time Selectable, with Indicator Output
• On-chip RC Oscillator for Continuous Delay Time
• 64K/256K DRAM chip support
• Extended Delay Mode up to 800 ms Delay Time (without VR)
• Create fascinating echo effect with time delay

• Radio Set
• Video Disc Player
• Electronic Musical Instrument

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