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PC923X Даташит

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PC923X OPIC Photocoupler Sharp
Sharp Electronics Sharp
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High Speed OPIC Photocoupler for MOS-FET/IGBT Drive

(1) Built-in direct drive circuit for MOS-FET/IGBT drive
   (IO1P, IO2P : 0.4 A)
(2)High speed response
   (tPHL,tPLH : MAX. 0.5 µs)
(3) Wide operating supply voltage range
   (VCC : 15 to 30 V, Ta= -10 to 60 ˚C )
(4)High noise reduction type
   (CMH=MIN. -1 500 V/µs)
   (CML=MIN. 1 500 V/µs)
(5) High isolation voltage (Viso(rms) : 5 kV)

(1) Inverter controlled air conditioners

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