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NSAM266SA Даташит

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NSAM266SA CompactSPEECH™ Digital Speech Processor with Serial Flash Interface National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The NSAM266SA is a member of National Semiconductor’s CompactSPEECH Digital Speech Processor family. This processor provides Digital Answering Machine (DAM) functionality to embedded systems.
The CompactSPEECH interfaces with National Semiconductor’s NM29A040 and NM29A080 Serial Flash memory devices to provide a cost-effective solution for DAM and Cordless DAM (CDAM) applications.

■ Designed around the CR16A, a 16-bit general-purpose RISC core implementation of the CompactRISC architecture
■ 20.48 MHz operation
■ On-chip DSP Module (DSPM) for high-speed DSP operations
■ On-chip codec clock generation and interface
■ Power-down mode
■ Selectable speech compression rate of 5.2 kbit/s or 7.3 kbit/s with silence compression
■ Up to 16 minutes recording on a 4-Mbit Serial Flash (more than 1 hour total recording time on four devices)
■ The number of messages that can be stored is limited only by memory size
■ MICROWIRE slave interface to an external microcontroller
■ MICROWIRE master interface to Serial Flash memory devices
■ Storage and management of messages
■ Programmable message tag for message categorization, e.g., Mailboxes, InComing Messages (ICM), OutGoing Messages (OGM)
■ Skip forward or backward during message playback
■ Digital volume control
■ Variable speed playback
■ Supports external vocabularies, using Serial Flash or ■xpansion ROM
■ Multi-lingual speech synthesis using International Vocabulary Support (IVS)
■ Vocabularies available in: English, Japanese, Mandarin, German, French and Spanish
■ DTMF generation and detection
■ DTMF detection during OutGoing Message playback
■ Single tone generation
■ Telephone line functions, including busy and dial tone detection
■ Call screening (input signal echoed to codec output)
■ Real-time clock
■ Direct access to message memory
■ Supports long-frame and short-frame codecs
■ Supports up to four 4-Mbit, or two 8-Mbit, Serial Flash devices
■ Supports prerecorded IVS and OGM on Serial Flash
■ Available in 68-pin PLCC and 100-pin PQFP packages


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