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LL1005-FHL8.2NJ Даташит

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LL1005-FHL8.2NJ Multilayer Chip Inductors Toko
Toko America Inc  Toko
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The LL1005-FHL Series is a multilayer ceramic chip inductor with an EIA standard 0402 footprint, lead-free terminations, and expanded electrical specifications with respect to inductance, Q, self-resonant frequency, and operating temperature range.

• Inductance range: 1.0-100nH
• Miniature size: 0402 footprint (1.0mm x 0.5mm)
• Inductance specified at 100MHz and 800MHz
• Self-resonant frequency specified at ±15%
• Q: 8 ~ 50 typical (at 1800MHz)
• Temperature coefficient of inductance: +250ppm/°C
• Temperature range: –55°C to +125°C
• S-parameter data available upon request
• Packaged on tape and reel in 10,000 piece quantity
• Reflow solderable
• Lead-free terminations


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