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LF13332M Даташит

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LF13332M Quad SPST JFET Analog Switches NSC
National ->Texas Instruments NSC
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General Description
These devices are a monolithic combination of bipolar and JFET technology producing the industry’s first one chip quad JFET switch. A unique circuit technique is employed to main tain a constant resistance over the analog voltage range of ±10V. The input is designed to operate from minimum TTL levels, and switch operation also ensures a break-before-make action.

Analog signals are not loaded
Constant “ON” resistance for signals up to±10V and 100 kHz
Pin compatible with CMOS switches with the advantage of blow out free handling
Small signal analog signals to 50 MHz
Break-before-make action: tOFF High open switch isolation at 1.0 MHz: −50 dB
Low leakage in “OFF” state: <1.0 nA
TTL, DTL, RTL compatibility
Single disable pin opens all switches in package on LF11331, LF11332, LF11333
LF11201 is pin compatible with DG201

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