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LBE67C Даташит

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LBE67C Power TOPLED® Enhanced optical Power LED (ATON®) OSRAM
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• package: white P-LCC-4 package, colorless clear resin
• feature of the device: more light due to higher optical efficiency; higher ambient temperature at the same current possible compared to TOPLED®
• wavelength: 469 nm (blue), 503 nm (verde), 525 nm (true green)
• viewing angle: Lambertian Emitter (120°)
• technology: InGaN
• optical efficiency: 3 lm/W (blue), 10 lm/W (verde), 13 lm/W (true green)
• grouping parameter: luminous intensity, wavelength
• assembly methods: suitable for all SMT assembly methods
• soldering methods: IR reflow soldering and TTW soldering
• preconditioning: acc. to JEDEC Level 2
• taping: 8 mm tape with 2000/reel, ø180 mm or 8000/reel, ø330 mm
• ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV acc. to JESD22-A114-D
• Superior Corrosion Robustness: details see page 12

• traffic lights (verde)
• backlighting (LCD, switches, keys, displays, illuminated advertising, general lighting)
• interior automotive lighting (e.g. dashboard backlighting, etc.)
• substitution of micro incandescent lamps
• marker lights (e.g. steps, exit ways, etc.)
• signal and symbol luminaire
• scanners


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