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FM1288-GE Даташит

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FM1288-GE High Performance Voice Processor for Automotive Handsfree ETC
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Incorporating the latest Fortemedia technologies for removing ambient noise and acoustic echoes, the FM1288 preserves voice naturalness for greater speech intelligibility in a variety of noisy automotive enviroments. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of host processors and blue-tooth devices, the FM1288 voice processor is designed for easy system integration.

Key Features
■ Highly integrated SOC
   o Digital Signal Processor(DSP) with Hardware Accelerators, RAM, and ROM
   o 3 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
   o 2 DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)
   o Differential I/O on all analogs to improve noise immunity
   o 2 On-chip analog microphone inputs
   o IIC-Compatible Serial (SHI) and UART control interface to host processor
   o IIS-Compatible and PCM data interface to host or Bluetooth processor
   o Built-in PLL supports highly flexible clocking input
   o Can operate as co-processor or as standalone processor
■ High performance
   o Advanced algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
   o Robust full-duplex for in-vehicle applications
   o Preserves voice naturalness and effective in automotive environment
   o Wideband (HD Voice) and narrowband voice processing
   o Bright Voice Enhancement (BVE) for downlink listening improvement
   o Dynamic Range Control (DRC) for range control
   o Equalization (EQL) on uplink and downlink voice paths
   o Line in and Line out signal path Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
   o Configurable processing modules performance
   o Non-invasive run-time performance tuning via UART and IIC-compatible port
   o Run time switching between processing mode and various by-pass modes
   o User-selectable between two microphone inputs (usage - one for
      front-seat passengers and another for back-seat passengers in vehicle cabins)
■ Available in 48-pin LQFP packages, Automotive Grade

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