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EL2002C Даташит

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EL2002C Low Power, 180 MHz Buffer Amplifier ELANTE-ElectronicC
Elantec -> Intersil ELANTE-ElectronicC
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General Description
The EL2002 is a low cost monolithic, high slew rate, buffer amplifier. Built using the Elantec monolithic Complementary Bipolar process, this patented buffer has a -3 dB bandwidth of 180 MHz, and delivers 100 mA, yet draws only 5 mA of supply current. It typically operates from ±15V power supplies but will work with as little as ±5V.

• 180 MHz bandwidth
• 2000 V/μs slew rate
• Low bias current, 3 μA typical
• 100 mA output current
• 5 mA supply current
• Short circuit protected
• Low cost
• Stable with capacitive loads
• Wide supply range ±5V to ±15V
• No thermal runaway

• Op amp output current booster
• Cable/line driver
• A/D input buffer
• Isolation buffer


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