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C-002RX ADS1232REF User's Guide Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
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ADS1232REF Users Guide

The ADS1232REF is a reference design for the ADS1232 24-bit, delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It contains all the circuitry and user interface elements needed for a weigh-scale digitizer, and is meant as an example of good design for a basic weigh-scale system. The ADS1232REF is also suitable for general evaluation of the ADS1232 device. Additionally, performance results obtained with the ADS1232REF are applicable to the ADS1234, a device with identical performance.

The ADS1232REF hardware has the following features:
• ADS1232 ADC
• Connections for load cells or other voltage sources
• Low-side excitation switch on the load cell header connector
• Ample EMI/RFI suppression between the ADC and rest of design
• Eight-digit starburst LCD readout
• USB connection for firmware updates and remote control
• Designed for very low power consumption
• Battery (9V) or wall power

Version 1.1.0 of the firmware includes the following features:
• Weigh-scale mode with two-point calibration
• Complete configuration of the device
• Real-time peak-to-peak and RMS noise calculation
• Autoranging voltage display
• Noise displayed in volts, codes, and bits
• Voltage displayed in volts or codes
• Adjustable averaging mode
• Raw hexadecimal code display
• Simple and fast configuration
• Parameters saved to internal flash memory
• Computer link


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