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BU15TA2WNVX-2009 Даташит

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BU15TA2WNVX High-speed Load Response FULL CMOS LDO Regulators ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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BU□□TA2WNVX /HFV series is high-performance FULL CMOS regulator with 200-mA output, which is mounted on microminiature package SSON004X1216 (1.2 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.6 mm) &HVSOF5(1.6mm X 1.6mm X0.6mm). It has excellent noise characteristics and load responsiveness characteristics despite its low circuit current consumption of 40 A. It is most appropriate for various applications such as power supplies for logic IC, RF, and camera modules.
Microminiature package SSON004X1216 & HVSOF5 with built-in heatsink is adopted for the package, which contributes to the space-saving design of the set.

1) High-accuracy output voltage of ±1% (±25 mV on 1.5-V & 1.8-V products)
2) High ripple rejection: 70 dB (Typ., 1 kHz, VOUT1.8 V))
3) Compatible with small ceramic capacitor (CIN=Co=1.0 μF)
4) Low current consumption: 40 μA
5) ON/OFF control of output voltage
6) With built-in overcurrent protection circuit and overheat protection circuit
7) With built-in output discharge circuit
8) Adopting microminiature power package SSON004X1216

    Battery-powered portable equipment, etc.


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