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ADDC02812DATV/883B Даташит

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ADDC02812DATV/883B 28 V/100 W DC/DC Converters with Integral EMI Filter AD
Analog Devices AD
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The ADDC02812DA and ADDC02815DA hybrid military dc/dc converters with integral EMI filter offer the highest power density of any dc/dc power converters with their features and in their power range available today. The converters with integral EMI filter are a fixed frequency, 1 MHz, square wave switching dc/dc power supply. They are not variable frequency resonant converters. In addition to many protection features, these converters have system level features that allow them to be used as a component in larger systems as well as a stand-alone power supply. The units are designed for high reliability and high performance applications where saving space and/or weight are critical.

    28 V dc Input, ±12 V dc @ 8.34 A, 100 W Output (ADDC02812DA)
    28 V dc Input, ±15 V dc @ 6.68 A, 100 W Output (ADDC02815DA)
    Integral EMI Filter Designed to Meet MIL-STD-461D
    Low Weight: 80 Grams
    NAVMAT Derated
    Many Protection and System Features

    Commercial and Military Airborne Electronics
    Missile Electronics
    Space-Based Antennae and Vehicles
    Mobile/Portable Ground Equipment


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