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9-1393792-5 Даташит

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9-1393792-5 Signal Relays Te
TE Connectivity Te
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D2n Relay V23105

■ Standard DIL relay
■ Dimensions 20x10x11mm (.795x.394x.433”)
■ Switching and continous current 3A
■ 2 form C contacts (2 CO, 2 changeover contacts)
■ Immersion cleanable
■ Four different coil sensitivities, 150mW, 200mW, 400mW, >500mW
■ Surge voltage resistance meets FCC Part 68 requirement: 1.5kV (10/700μs) between coil and contacts

Typical applications
    Communications equipment, offce equipment, measurement and control equipment, entertainment electronics, medical equipment, consumer electronics


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